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Apple iPhone 8 Cool Features and Tech Specs

Debra Wellins Come fall, the new Apple iPhone 8 will be available with some cool new features. Pay your friends in Messenger. Apple is enabling person-to-person payments inside the Messages app via Apple Pay and with an assist from Siri. More useful maps. Apple is adding detailed floor plan maps at a variety of shopping malls and major airports. Do Not Disturb While Driving. When you turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving, iOS 11 will silence alert and notifications while keeping the... Continue Reading >

Great Photos Sell Homes – So Hire the Best

When I sell a client's home, I want potential buyers to be completely captivated by the photographs that represent the home.  Nothing motivates a buyer more in desiring to see a home than high quality, architectural and design photos that highlight the very best of a property. Now a days, one can snap decent pictures with a good quality digital camera and that may be adequate for the sale of some properties. But there is a huge difference between amateur and professional photographs.  And there is an even greater magnitude of difference... Continue Reading >

Dueling Solar Energy Amendments

A group billing itself as Consumers for Smart Solar announced last week that it's launching a petition drive to place a solar energy amendment on the 2016 ballot. The goal is to collect 700,000 signatures by early next year in order to qualify. This is an important and vital amendment aimed at preventing another group, Floridians for Solar Choice, from prevailing with their amendment initiative. There amendment, if approved by voters, would prevent the state from regulating small, private solar companies that provide up to two megawatts of solar energy to properties... Continue Reading >

Cool New Futuristic Building Materials

Debra Wellins At the top of the cool building material chart is a company called uBeam who is leading the charge, so to speak, in wireless smartphone charging techniques.  uBeam is developing an ultrasonic sound transmitter that will fill a room with inaudible energy.  A receiver in your wireless device will be able to pick up the sound and convert it back to energy, allowing owners to charge their devices anywhere in the home.  The transmitters can be placed around the home to provide... Continue Reading >

Unreal Custom Home Theaters

Debra Wellins Interested in receiving first-run theatrical films in the privacy of your own home theater?  Prima Cinema allows you to do just that with a cinematic experience unlike any other. With a $35,000 Prima system, you can watch first-run movies for about $500 each in the comfort of your own home, on the same day many films debut in theaters. Movies are streamed to The Prima System via the internet.  It is comprised of a rack-mountable Cinema Player and Biometric Reader that outputs audio/video over HDMI to the home theater. The system has... Continue Reading >

Quadcopter Fun with Aerial Drone Photography

Debra Wellins Not only is the DJI Phantom 2 Vision ready-to-fly quadcopter the best adult toy on the market, it is the most amazing real estate tool for remote control aerial photography.  Amateur pilots can capture fantastic footage and see it in real time. The new Phantom 2 Vision comes with a custom 14 megapixel, 1080p camera with a 60-degree tilting gimbal, an f/2.8 aperture lens, and a wide 140 degree field of view — all mounted on a shock-absorbing bracket to prevent the jitter effect. Plus, it is designed... Continue Reading >

3-D Digital Models to Transform Real Estate Market

Debra Wellins Sure, you can still visit a house, apartment or office building in person or view it through photographs and videos.   But how cool would it be to look at a 3-D digital model of a vacant home or office that allows you to walk through or decorate the space through your browser. New start-up companies, like Floored, are doing just that.  They build a process to digitize the physical space into a digital asset that you can play around with, similar to the 3-D models created... Continue Reading >

Apple’s New iPhone – Fingerprint ID? Can it Be Hacked?

Debra Wellins Rumor has it that Apple is launching its new iPhone Tuesday with fingerprint authentication, a major new technology that should give Apple a leading edge in big markets like enterprise computing and mobile payments. It is possible that the fingerprint tech will be near the home button at the bottom of the device, the most logical place since it is the first place users touch when they open their phones.  Once the print has been verified, the full screen will automatically... Continue Reading >

Problems with Buying and Selling Smart Homes…Get the CODE!

Debra Wellins I'm not talking The Davinci Code here folks.  However, if you don't have it, you're dead in the water.  This is probably the most important piece of advice I can give the buyer who is making an offer on a luxury property with sophisticated home automation. You must have the Source Code or you can't access or make changes to the system.  The source code is analogous to a log-in for a web page.  No code, no way into the... Continue Reading >

Ultra Luxury Smart Home Technology

Debra Wellins This is how it works!  You're having a party and want to set the mood.  With one touch,  the lights turn on to a preset softness and color, the thermostat reduces the temperature, the fountains flow, the motorized shades retract, the music begins, the front gates open and the fireplace ignites.  Bing-bang-boom. Home automation is the rage in ultra luxury residences and businesses.  You may have heard some of the buzz words like Lutron Lighting and Crestron Systems that are promoted in real estate marketing.  According... Continue Reading >