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Are you an UHNW Individual?

Debra Wellins Who are they and do they want? For starters, these uber rich folks have at least $30 million in assets. They are ultra-high net worth indivuduals (UHNW) who buy the finest wines, watches, cars, yachts, jewelry and real esatate. In seeking safe investment diversification, they purchase second homes in foreign countries to gain citizenship or residency status. Acccording to a recent study, there are 211,275 UHNW individuals worldwide who collectively hold nearly $3 trillion (U.S dollars) in real estate assets.  Roughly 10 percent of their net worth is invested in real... Continue Reading >

Village of Pinecrest Acre Sales

Debra Wellins In the Village of Pinecrest, 13 acre parcels of land this year have transferred ownership.  Five lots were exclusively land sales and eight were homes on acres that sold for land value. Here's the break down. Land Sales: Total 5 When looking at land values, the actual sale price is less significant than the sale price per square foot ($/SF) because parcels very in total square footage. In this study, the land varied from 38,000 to 56,000 square feet or 3/4 to 1.5 acres.  (1 acre = 43,560 SF).  The land that sold for... Continue Reading >

Great Photos Sell Homes – So Hire the Best

When I sell a client's home, I want potential buyers to be completely captivated by the photographs that represent the home.  Nothing motivates a buyer more in desiring to see a home than high quality, architectural and design photos that highlight the very best of a property. Now a days, one can snap decent pictures with a good quality digital camera and that may be adequate for the sale of some properties. But there is a huge difference between amateur and professional photographs.  And there is an even greater magnitude of difference... Continue Reading >

Eggs, Willows and an Easter Bunny

Debra Wellins Happy Easter   Continue Reading >

The Matzoh House

Debra Wellins This Passover, for your Seder table centerpiece, why not construct the ultimate edible abode. While commemorating freedom with spring cleaning and the joyful feast of gefilte fish, charoset, matzoh ball soup, brisket, horseradish, kugel, sponge cake, macaroons and kosher wines, get creative with your matzoh. Check out Epicurious for details on constructing this fabulous Matzoh House. Happy Passover! I am an estate specialist in Pinecrest, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove.  If you would like to schedule a buyer, seller or investor consultation, or would like a complementary market analysis of your... Continue Reading >

My Friends – the Kaufman’s

Debra Wellins Just had to post about the Kaufman family - Michael, Maryln, Shane, Storm and Logan.  They had their grand opening of Freakin CrossFit in Pembroke Pines Saturday.  However, this is not about their wonderful fitness facility. This is about what they did at the grand opening for a friend's little girl.  Gelly is a precious five year old with kidney cancer.  It was not until I saw this frail, exhausted, beautiful and brave little girl that I was so enormously moved by what the Kaufman... Continue Reading >