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Update on Pinecrest Homes for Sale

Debra Wellins Market reports say there is little inventory to sell these days. Well, its true.  Pinecrest  has 128 homes currently on the market. They range in price from a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, short sale in SW Pinecrest for $395,000.00 on a 3/4 acre lot to an 8 bedroom 9 bath new Italianate estate on over an acre in NE Pinecrest for $5,500,000.00. Currently, the average listing is a 5 bedroom 4 bath home, 5,146 square feet, with an asking price... Continue Reading >

Pinecrest Market Analysis 2012 – The Year in Review

Debra Wellins The Village of Pinecrest had a very good year with 223 homes sold for  just under $217,000,000.00 in total sales.  Sales ranged from $220,000.00 to $4,500,000.00 with an average sale price of $972,821.00 and an average square foot (SF) price of $232.00. In the chart below, Pinecrest is divided into approximate quadrants to evaluate the statistical differences within the community. NE Pinecrest (NE: 88th St. to 112th St. / 57th Ave. to 67th Ave.) had the highest sale of $4,500,000.00 ($458/SF).  Average and median prices and prices... Continue Reading >

Sales Stalled in Snapper Creek Lakes

Debra Wellins What is Going on in Snapper Creek Lakes? Sales have slumped in this Coral Gables enclave off Old Cultler Road.  There are currently 12 properties for sale listed between $1,999,000 and $10,850,000, but the last property to close was in September, 2012 and there are no pending sales.  These luxury properties with acreage, in a beautiful location, have had no buyers for three months. And only two of the homes for sale have dropped their price, one of which has been on the market for over two years.  It seems... Continue Reading >