3-D Digital Models to Transform Real Estate Market

Sure, you can still visit a house, apartment or office building in person or view it through photographs and videos.   But how cool would it be to look at a 3-D digital model of a vacant home or office that allows you to walk through or decorate the space through your browser.

New start-up companies, like Floored, are doing just that.  They build a process to digitize the physical space into a digital asset that you can play around with, similar to the 3-D models created by architects in designing homes and spaces. Floored CEO and founder Dave Eisenberg  explains, “you can rotate it around, look at it as a floor plan and then you can actually digitally walk through the space as if you were physically there.”

This is a powerful new tool that will come in quite handy for buyers that are unable to visit a space multiple times or for those who don’t relate well to two dimensional floor plans.

Courtesy of Floridarealtors.org.

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