Buyer Loyalty – A Beautiful Thing

Loyalty is one of those attributes aimlessly floating around space, lost in the rarified air.  Only one out of every million molecules of this compound ever settles down to earth. So when it does, and you happen to be the lucky being who breathes it in, it’s a beautiful thing.

I’m not talking about a dog mind you.  They’re always loyal.  But buyers are not.  Not at all.  Not even if you bend over backwards or jump through burning hoops at 3 in the morning because they had a thought.

So when I met my most recent buyer about a year ago, when he visited one of my listings on Miami Beach, he lamented that the agents he’d met on Miami Beach were terrible,  He was very disappointed in their service and was looking on his own. (Btw…I’ve worked with some outstanding agents on the Beach.)

He and I hit if off immediately and he asked me to help him find a great condo on the Beach.  We looked at many units over the course of a year, shown by a number of different listing agents. During our search, he’d occasionally call to tell me that a listing agent, from a previous showing, contacted him directly to see if he was interested in buying their condo or working with them to find something else. Three different agents contacted him.

But, my buyer understood the etiquette of real estate relationships, built on mutual trust and respect. The skanky and unprofessional behavior of these agents offended him. He was LOYAL to the core. And it meant the world to me.  Bring me more of that rarified air.

A Word on Real Estate Etiquette

We agents spend a great deal of time with a customer, learning about their needs and wishes, researching homes, emailing, texting, having long conversations with them at 10 pm at night, showing properties, writing offers, negotiating offers, attending inspections, re-negotiating offers, working through title and lien issues, even watering their lawn when they’re out of town.  Oh yes, we’re asked to do many things, especially early on in our careers.

So here’s the scenario….after spending 6 months catering to Mrs. Buyer’s needs, you receive a text or email letting you know something incredible happened.  It’s always something incredible.  Mrs. Buyer tells you how much she appreciated your 6 months of hard work but they bumped into an old friend from Mars who told them about a great house, and they bought it. Bam! I actually had one buyer offer me a consolation prize. Hey, it happens to all of us at some point so you quickly learn to overcome disappointment and move on. You also learn to use a buyer’s agreement . This is a contract between a home buyer and a real estate agent that outlines the terms and conditions of their working partnership.  The buyer’s agreement has always been available but historically hasn’t been utilized much. That’s about to change.

Call  or email me if you have any questions about the Buyer’s Agreement or need help finding a great home or condo.  305-898-1852


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