Comparison of Sale Price Per Square Foot in Pinecrest Quadrants

Median Sale Price Pinecrest First Quarter

Last year I reported that NE Pinecrest had the highest average single family home sale price per square foot than the other areas of Pinecrest.  The first quarter of this year continues the trend.  In looking at the median sales price of single family homes per square foot, NE Pinecrest comes in at $320.00, NW Pinecrest at $278, SE Pinecrest at $256.00 and SW Pinecrest at $212.

Thirty four homes sold in total of which 15 were in the SW, 10 were in the SE, seven were in the NE and two were in the NW quadrant of Pinecrest.  Keep in mind that the SW quadrant has a greater number of homes on smaller lots than the other three quadrants.

  • NE  Pinecrest:   North of 112th St     East of 67th Ave.
  • NW Pinecrest:   North of 112th St.    West of 67th Ave.
  • SE   Pinecrest:   South of 112th St.    East of 67th Ave.
  • SW Pinecrest:    South of 112th St.    West of 67th Ave.

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