Crazy Zany King Mango Strut 2013

Nothing but a natural disaster (well…not even) could stop the insanity, the debauchery and the hysterics of the King Mango Strut this Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013.

There were no X-Factor auditions or chair turning judges. And there’s no million dollar prize or contract with Sony Music.  The only requirement for participation is lunacy and a good sense of humor.

What is the Strut?

A parade of strutters showcasing events and stories from this past year in grand, witty, silly and irreverent style

  • Anthony Weiner “Sexting” Scandal; aka Carlos Danger
  • The Jibberish Hand Language Interperter
  • Spin the Wheel of Obamacare – watch how to lose your insurance coverage
  • The People’s Pope May Be Present  a/k/a “Pope Pourri”
  • Bullying Football Players
  • Sequester: Government Shutdown

The 32nd King Mango Strut is in Downtown Coconut Grove on the corner of Commodore Plaza and Main Hwy.  The parade begins at 2:00 but King Mango suggest you get there “early this year to go right through security checkpoints.  Any unruly parade-goer will be required to do community service by following Justin Bieber around letting him know he is about to lose his pants.  But be careful, the NSA is listening to you – whether you like it or not.”

Grand Marshall – Rob Ford

Special Guest is jazz man – Joe Donato

It’s Free!

For further info click here King Mango Strut or call 305-582-0955.

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