Dog Parks Can Increase Home Values

becomeatrainer2As a professional realtor, I spend a lot of time talking with people about what they want in a neighborhood.

Parks, in general, increase a property tax base from increased property values. Economists call this “hedonic value”.  People preferentially want to buy homes in neighborhoods with beautiful parks and will spend more money to live in those communities. The preponderance of studies indicate that excellent parks can add as much as 15% to the value of a home depending on its proximity to a park. And, in some cases, the increase in property tax from housing near green spaces may equal or exceed the cost of maintaining them.  Residents also realize a direct savings by having use of the free parkland and free or low-cost recreational opportunities.

Homeowners now consider dog parks an integral part of the parkland community along with sport parks, playgrounds, preserves and nature trail parks.  They are a valued asset along with quality schools, libraries, community centers and police and fire services.

Dog parks provide more than just economic value.  They allow dogs and people to socialize and exercise in a safe and healthy environment.  They bring neighbors together providing community cohesion and protect highly desirable green space from commercial and residential development.

Pinecrest Dog Park

The Village of Pinecrest has tennis, baseball, soccer and basketball parks but no dog park.  There is a misconception that all homes are on acre properties thus negating the need for a dog park. This is simply not true. The NW and SW quadrants of Pinecrest have many homes on small parcels of land with limited space for dogs to exercise.

However, the need for a dog park in Pinecrest is not related to lot size.  Pinecrest residents are witness to the social and economic benefits that other community dog parks provide to their homeowners and want to enjoy the same.

Speak Bone LogoKindly click this link to endorse a petition in support a world class dog park at The Veterans Wayside Park.  This park will be a wonderful tribute to veterans and dogs who have served in the military as well as companion dogs for wounded warriors.

Wounded Warrior Project  –  Its mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. PoodledogWAR DOG 4

Tender Loving Canines  –  Wounded Warrior Service Dogs

If you are a veteran and live in The Village of Pinecrest, please call me at 305-898-1852 or drop me a note at I would very much like to hear your views about a dog park at Veterans Wayside Park.  Or feel free to post a comment below.

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