Fairchild’s Corypha is in Full Bloom

Corypha utanThe  Corypha utan at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables is in full flower. The bloom may only last a few months so you should check it out soon (plot 87- lowlands area by the big Chihuly)- it is a site to behold!

It is one of the most spectacular landscape trees available for large parks and gardens.  The bloom ultimately ends the life of the tree once the fruit have matured.

Corypha utan is found along rivers, wetlands, floodplains and grasslands. It is found all over tropical Asia and down to northern Australia.

This palm is truly gigantic! Its massive grey trunk reaches to 30 m (100 ft.) tall, and its enormous crown, spanning approximately 8 m (27 ft.) in diameter, is formed by about 30 huge, dark green leaves that are 3 m (10 ft.) in diameter, large enough to easily shelter more than ten people from the rain. The terminal inflorescence, which is formed after 50 to 80 years of vegetative growth, holds the record of being the world’s largest flowering structure and produces literally millions of flowers and tens of thousands of seeds.

Photo courtesy of Sara Edelman


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