What to Do on Your Next Family Day in Pinecrest, FL

what to do on your next family day in pinecrest

Thriving with a lush forest of oaks, pines and palms and acres of parks and playgrounds, the Village of Pinecrest is a place where families come together to explore, play or relax.

Pinecrest provides everything you need for a lifestyle surrounded by peaceful wide open green spaces, picnicking areas, playgrounds, sports fields, bicycle trails, tennis centers, botanical gardens and nature trails.

Clearly the premiere place to go on a family outing or with out-of-town guests is our stunning botanical garden off Red Road and 112 St.   Walk, bike or drive to…

Explore Pinecrest Gardens On Your Next Family Day

While Pinecrest Gardens is a local park, it offers more unique and interesting amenities than most other parks. Shaded walking paths wind through breathtaking natural landscapes up to the terrace that overlooks a gorgeous lake.

You don’t need to go elsewhere for a perfect family day. Check out these family-friendly activities you can do in Pinecrest Gardens.

Splash in the Water Playground

Suitable for children ages two to twelve, this water playground is designed to keep them entertained. The playground is open any day of the week. Paying park admission gets you access to the Splash ‘N Play for free!

Learn Botanics

Providing a perfect stepping-stone for young botanists, the garden is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and rare plants. Walk the garden paths and take a free phone tour On-Cell while you are there.

Feed the Fish

Children can feed fish in the garden’s waterways, giving them a unique opportunity to interact with fish in their natural habitat. You can buy fish food at the admissions booth.

Watch Wildlife

Watching wildlife in a spectacular setting is the perfect way to enjoy Swan Lake. Children can watch ducks and turtles along the water bank as they enjoy the views. Iguanas come out in the early morning and late afternoons, but can frequently be seen scurrying about all day

Check out the Sunday Farmer’s Market

Watch a Movie

Before you wrap up your family day, enjoy an evening with a featured film, including the latest releases, presented in a safe and magical environment for children, with full theatre amenities. Make it a family tradition to check out the movie schedule at Pinecrest Gardens.

There are more parks in Pinecrest other than Pinecrest Gardens. If you wish to explore more of the place and spend some time with your family, there’s no better way than making yourself a local.

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