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3136-08 c1999 Dan ForerWhen I sell a client’s home, I want potential buyers to be completely captivated by the photographs that represent the home.  Nothing motivates a buyer more in desiring to see a home than high quality, architectural and design photos that highlight the very best of a property.

Now a days, one can snap decent pictures with a good quality digital camera and that may be adequate for the sale of some properties. But there is a huge difference between amateur and professional photographs.  And there is an even greater magnitude of difference in the talent amongst professional real estate photographers.  There are those who shoot pictures and then there are artists.

Miami is fortunate to have one such artist in our community – architectural photographer Dan Forer.  Dan’s photos have adorned the covers of many architectural and design magazines in the span of his impressive career.

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I asked Dan about his vision in the age of digital photography.

“Those like myself who came up through the world of film, know better than anyone the magical gifts that digital has given us – and we should use them. We’ve been given control of our scenes in ways only dreamed of before. So why not get our hands dirty? Why not dig into the control of our images and personally give them a signature of what we believe communicates space as it really is. Seeing detail in shadows (that really continue being shadows), seeing detail in highlights (that continue to be true highlights), that’s the work of a hands-on photographer.”

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And on lighting, Dan relates the following.

“Scenes should seem to be lit by the sources of visible light in the composition. Light must not come from some alien source that can’t be explained by looking at what’s in the shot. If there are windows, then they’re the source of daylight in the space. That source should be embraced, used and enhanced thereby lending realism to the shot. If there are lamps and built-in lighting, then those sources should be the key to where artificial light falls in the shot. Shadows, always important, are critical compositional tools. Don’t fight them! Use them. They may be our best ally in creating of a sense of depth and of three dimensions making a shot look real. In the end, we photographers must keep in mind that a realistic presentation of space requires an interpretation of how that space looks and feels to a viewer in it. And those feelings must guide us in our quest to re-imagine that space photographically.”

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Dan Forer Portrait

Dan Forer

All photos courtesy of Dan Forer  305-495-0838

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