My Friends – the Kaufman’s


Bald is Beautiful

Just had to post about the Kaufman family – Michael, Maryln, Shane, Storm and Logan.  They had their grand opening of Freakin CrossFit in Pembroke Pines Saturday.  However, this is not about their wonderful fitness facility.

This is about what they did at the grand opening for a friend’s little girl.  Gelly is a precious five year old with kidney cancer.  It was not until I saw this frail, exhausted, beautiful and brave little girl that I was so enormously moved by what the Kaufman family did.

They raised $15,000 without a black tie dinner, without a silent auction, without big donors and without any fanfare to help Gelly’s family pay some of the overwhelming medical expenses associated with her chemo and radiation treatments.

And the kicker was their commitment to shaving their heads at the end of the grand opening, in honor of Gelly, who has lost all her hair, once their fundraising goal was reached.  Way to go Kaufman’s.

Wishing Gelly a speedy and full recovery!

If you would like to help, click this link.  Freakin CrossFit   Then. click on the shopping cart, then “Shop Online” and look for Donations for Gelly.

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