Pinecrest Gardens – Get Involved – Make A Difference

Pinecrest Gardens (the old Parrot Jungle) holds the most special memories for my family.  So many mornings, I’d meet with other moms and their toddlers there to have breakfast or coffee and enjoy the gorgeous garden.  An early morning lifesaver,  the Garden was a local spot where kids could play and interact in a safe and splendid environment.

The Garden remains such a joy to many new young families in Pinecrest and the surrounding communities.  But a garden like this needs an enormous amount of capital and a strong volunteer arm to maintain the existing flora and historical buildings.

That’s where You Come In

I’ve been a member The Community Garden Charitable Fund for many years.  The Garden Fund (as we call it) serves to raise money to beautify and maintain Pinecrest Gardens. Over the years, we’ve completed an admirable number of projects, and with your help, are ready to tackle a new challenge. We are in search of new board members who have an interest in preserving and improving this extraordinary botanical garden and significant cultural asset.


Our volunteer board meets once a month to plan and organize special events for the sole purpose of contributing to botanical improvements in the Garden.  We work closely with Alana Perez, Director of Pinecrest Gardens and Harvey Bernstein, chief horticulturist.

If you are interested in making a difference at Pinecrest Gardens, please contact me to discuss.   305-898-1852



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