Shilla Korean BBQ

IMG_3737Thinking about what to do after over-dosing on turkey leftovers? Go Korean!  We discovered Sushi Café Shilla Korean BBQ over the Thanksgiving weekend, a family style restaurant with warm service and very good food.

We skipped over the sushi and went straight for the Korean bbq, replete with in-table hibachi style cooking referred to as the “ondol.”  Side dishes of marinated mushrooms, potatoes, bean sprouts, tofu and delicious kimchee began our Korean experience, courtesy of the house.  Add to that a bottle of Soju and the evening kicked into high gear.


Kimchee Pancake


Appetizer Offerings








Soju is a South Korean beverage similar to vodka or whiskey.  It’s distilled from rice, wheat, barley, potatoes, sweet potatoes or tapioca and consumed “neat.”  Let me tell you, it goes down smooth.

While waiting for the entrees, we devoured a kimchee pancake, possibly the best I’ve ever had.

Next came the platters of raw beef, beef ribs, shredded pork and pork belly that were served with thick slices of onion and intensely strong garlic.  Once cooked, the meats, vegetables and garlic are wrapped in lettuce leaves and drizzled with salt and pepper sesame oil or a special Korean sauce.  We threw the kimchee in everything.  The meats were very good but not top cuts.  We enjoyed all of them except the pork belly which was very tough and not the expected melt in your mouth fat.  Skip this one dish but do try Shilla.  We are definitely going back.

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Sushi Café Shilla Korean BBQ

Food Very Good
Ambiance Strip Mall Casual Asian
Service Friendly & Helpful
Price Reasonable – Affordable
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