The Lake at Pinecrest Gardens Gets a Facelift

lake rock borders 08-2014 003

Pinecrest Gardens, the spectacular botanical garden in The Village of Pinecrest, has just completed the installation of a gorgeous rock border around the lake thanks to funding provided by The Garden Fund and the support of Craig Morell, Horticulturist at Pinecrest Gardens.

The oolitic rock was also placed between the grass and the dessert garden to delineate these two areas.

You may recall the “running of the flamingos” back in the days of Parrot Jungle.  This is the area that has been enhanced and beautified.

As a board member of The Garden Fund, I would be pleased to arrange a personal tour for you of Pinecrest Gardens.  Drop me a note or call and I will gladly arrange it.

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lake rock borders 08-2014 002

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