Ultra Luxury Smart Home Technology

This is how it works!  You’re having a party and want to set the mood.  With one touch,  the lights turn on to a preset softness and color, the thermostat reduces the temperature, the fountains flow, the motorized shades retract, the music begins, the front gates open and the fireplace ignites.  Bing-bang-boom.

Home automation is the rage in ultra luxury residences and businesses.  You may have heard some of the buzz words like Lutron Lighting and Crestron Systems that are promoted in real estate marketing.  According to David Frangione, owner of Audio One, a Dania Beach high-end home technology company, owners are spending over 20% of their home value on smart home technology, investing somewhere between $10,000 and $200,000 to integrate their tv’s, home theaters, touch panels, audio and visual sound, lighting, thermostat control, pools and security systems.

When you walk into a smart home, you will not see the technology.  The “Brain”  is hidden in a closet or designated machine room with racks for all the equipment. Touch pads are placed throughout the house for ultimate room control and audio speakers are no longer placed behind dry wall where sound is muted, but set behind nearly invisible grills that blend into the wall or ceiling.

Super Cool Trends

Home Automation Control:  Home hardware talks to your iPad providing superb functionality and access to your home or business from anywhere in the world.

Mirror televisions:  When the tv is on, it’s a tv.  When it is off, it is a mirror.

Media Rooms:  No longer just for watching movies.  These rooms are now designed as full service entertainment rooms. And, you can now have your very own IMAX private theater.

Kids Play Rooms:  Integrated for gaming, computer and smart phone technology.

Outdoors:  Waterproof remotes and tv’s,  outdoor theaters.   I love this one – a 201 inch tv at a cost of about $700,000 – 800,000.

Pre-Set Controls:  You can program all controls in the house for personalized lifestyle.  Party mode, morning mode, sleep mode.  Lights, ac, music, shades and temperature can be pre-set for time of day or experience.

Next week, I’ll be writing about  Problems with Buying and Selling Smart Homes.  There are some very significant issues that buyers and sellers must know about.

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