Would You Buy a Haunted House?

Haunted-House-halloween-16050692-1280-800Here are some creepy stats on consumer perceptions on buying a “haunted” house.

Would you buy a haunted house?

  • 26% would consider buying a haunted house
  • 36% might consider a haunted house
  • 38% would not consider a haunted house

What would be the deal breaker in considering the purchase of a haunted house?

  • 75%  levitating objects
  • 63% objects moved from where they were placed
  • 63% ghost sightings
  • 61% supernatural sensations
  • 61% flickering lights or applicances
  • 60% by strange noises (doors slamming, footsteps)
  • 34% by warm or cold spots

Would you expect a discount for a haunted house?

  • 75% said yes.
  • 12% would pay full market value

What are good warning signs that a house is haunted?

  • cemeteries on the property
  • homes over 100 years old
  • quick turnover of ownership
  • unexplained low price on the home
  • close proximity to a battlefield

Data is courtesy of Florida Realtors News and Events

Happy Halloween!

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