Add This to Your Holiday List – The Yacht-Submarine Combo


Swift141 Superyacht

Can’t think of what to buy the person who has everything?  What about a luxury transport that cuts beneath the surface of waterfront living?

EYOS Expeditions and Triton Submarines has formed a unique partnership combining the superyacht expedtion with the personal submarine that will set your seas on fire.  These vessels will be able to reach the most exotic and wild locations on the planet – and then dive down over 1,000 meters into the deep blue abyss on the most sophisticated and luxurious superyachts and submarines ever designed.

This partnership promises to offer yacht owners or charter clients  a journey into pristine, seldom explored areas by organizing, permitting and leading the expeditions.  Think of climbing Mount Everest in the opposite direction.  Triton submersibles can take people to places no human has ever gone, like the hydrothermal vents in the South Pacific or underwater trenches in Antarctica.

These adventures will be true explorations with real potential for marine science discoveries.


Triton Sub

Triton Submarines

EYOS Expeditions

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