Pinecrest Single Family Home Sales – Q2 Market Update

Pinecrest Sales - Second QuarterSingle-family luxury home sales in the Village of Pinecrest show stability when comparing 21015 and 2014 second quarter sales.  In the under $1 million market, prices have increased.  Take a look at the chart for comparisons.

Luxury Market:  Sales Over $1 Million

The luxury market had three fewer sales this quarter over the same period last year.  The average sale price was $200,000 less this quarter because the homes that sold were smaller by 400 square feet.  The average sale price per square foot is consistent – $335 this year compared to $334 last year in the second quarter.  

Sales Under $1 Million

Pinecrest single family  home sales under $1 million have seen a $62,000  increase in the average sale price in the second quarter this year over the same period in 2014.  The price per square foot is also up 5 percent or $12.  The average square feet of homes sold has only increased by 2 percent or 63 square feet over last year. 

To see the breakdown of sale prices click on this link. Pinecrest Home Sales: Second Quarter Hot Markets

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